Tea & Oranges

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Status: Sold

Oil on canvas board 10" x 8"

Painted on 16th Feb 2011




+2 #8 Dean 2011-03-02 01:26
Well spotted Ryan :) the riddle has been solved, its a penny!
+3 #7 Ryan 2011-02-28 17:30
I'm guessing that the small object is a penny (for the penny painter) that you put in every few paintings. Am I close?
+1 #6 laszlo 2011-02-18 17:39
Its a secret code and if i told you i would have to kill you! 8)
+2 #5 Dean 2011-02-18 12:34
Come on Laz spill the beans, what exactly is this small object in the picture and why is it there? :-)
+2 #4 Dean 2011-02-16 20:44
There is certainly somthing about this painting, it is mysterious, almost like there is a hidden message.
+1 #3 laszlo 2011-02-16 19:01
Hi Dean,
Im not sure?looks like a flat bit of toffee to me?
+2 #2 Dean 2011-02-16 18:53
Just looking at this picture and admiring the leaf too, now that is an amazing leaf, painted perfectly Laz, GJ!!
+2 #1 Dean 2011-02-16 18:49
Heya Laz, wow! another fantastic painting, love the way you have captured the light on the spout of the tea-pot, but what is this small object at the bottom may i ask, is that a penny? :)