Free at Last

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Status: Sold

Oil on canvas board 10" x 8"

Painted on 19th Feb 2011




+2 #4 Shyamala 2011-03-09 09:35
Frank.... lovely painting....and perfect to the detail. its sooooo good.
+2 #3 Danielle 2011-02-21 07:58
What can i say another wonderful painting Laz,I see a penny i think its great,Well done.
+2 #2 Dean 2011-02-19 15:15
look at the reflection in that metal too, there is a world inside there alone.
+2 #1 Dean 2011-02-19 15:12
What an amazing powerful painting Laszlo, to be released, spread our wings and be free at last. The message this painting brings makes me happy, and so beautifully painted too, amazing, simply amazing. Im sure there is also more than meets the eye to this one too as i see the penny... incredible, genious.