The Pepper Grinder Still Life with Garlic French Ploughmans Lunch Basket of Plumbs Bacon and Eggs Pears on a Plate


the last lobster "As I Was Saying" Pear in a Silver Cup black grapes My Lunch daffodil Bread, Cheese and Grapes Rhododendron Flowers Hawthorn Blossom rhododendrons floweers 11 Goblet with Red Grapes Rack of Lamb Pear Blossom Rollmop Herrings Sunflowers Beef, Leeks and Shallots Salt Beef Rhododendron Blossom 3 Still life with Lamb's Heart Bread and Grapes Yellow Pepper Cherries and Goblet Cherries with Silver Pot Cameron and Clegg Three White Roses Sugar Shaker with Strawberries English Strawberries Basket of Strawberries with Wild Roses Plumbs with Silver Cup Cheryl The Yellow Pear Pomegranate and Red Grapes Just A Little Lemon Still Life with Silver Cup Pomegranate Three Lemons Hanging Grapes Pear with Black Grapes Three Pears I Feel A Bit of A Lemon Lemons Clementine Poms Clementines


Bread, Cheese and Grapes Prawn Waiting for A Friend Pomegranates in a Silver Dish Small Vase with Clementine Kipper Pink Blossom Blossom